My shopify sale, create your online store.

Sep 12

As I have previous posted I’ve launched my online store using web 2.0 e-commerce application called Shopify. My store is focused on mobile products, computers and other gadgets. As of right now I’m only selling items I have around the house, but in the future I’ll be selling items for others as well, so if you are interested let me know.

I want to say thanks to Roberto from Texas for being my first buyer. I’ll be using shopify more even more now, to sell items online rather than using eBay, and Craigslist. Both are great for buying and selling and for you to have your product exposed to a lager audience but with shopify and other new stores launching it easier for you to mange and control your product listing and gives you the sense of being your own eBay.

If you haven’t reviewed shopify yet please do.

Shopify links:

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